To connect The Happiness Machine to your WiFi you use The Happiness Machine iOS app on iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini. 

Once you've downloaded the app, tap "Set-up WiFi" were you will be prompted to choose a WiFi network to connect to.

Choose the network you'd like to connect to and then enter your password for this network.

Tap "Blink-up" and then hold the iPhone or iPad screen as close as possible to the edge of the SD card at the back of The Happiness Machine. 

After an audible countdown the blink up will begin. After the flashing of the screen has stopped, the SD card should blink green then go through a sequence of amber,red and then finally green. The Happiness Machine is now connected to your network and should print a welcome message.  The Happiness Machine will remember these settings even when powered off so you only need to blink-up again if your network settings change.

If you're having difficulty blinking-up The Happiness Machine try again in a darkened room, making sure there is as little ambient light as possible.