Version 1.2 and above introduced automatic, secure backup of your Kennedy data using a Dropbox account. 

We advise everyone to backup their Kennedy data.

Linking your Dropbox account to Kennedy

To use the automatic backup feature you will need to have an account with Dropbox.

Once you have an account with Dropbox, install the Dropbox app on to your iOS device if you haven't done so already.  This is used to setup and link your Dropbox account to Kennedy.

In the Kennedy app tap the settings button on the Kennedy home screen.

Toggle "Backup to Dropbox" to  the on position.

The Dropbox app will open and ask for permission to link Kennedy to your Dropbox account. Kennedy will only have access to a newly created folder called Kennedy inside the Apps folder in Dropbox.

Tapping "Allow" will take you back to Kennedy. Kennedy is now linked to your Dropbox account and will automatically backup your data each time you add or edit a capture. Images are also backed up.

How is the data stored?

Kennedy saves all your data in a non-prepriatory industry standard JSON formatted text file which is then zipped up. This JSON file can be read by any text reader.

How do I restore my data?

If you need to restore lost data, in the settings section of Kennedy, tap "Import from Backup". Kennedy will load the latest back up and automatically import any missing captures, ignoring any duplicates. 

You can use the Dropbox versioning system to rewind to previous backups as well. On your desktop computer right-click or control-click on the file "" inside Dropbox > Apps > Kennedy.

You'll then see a menu. Choose "show previous versions" and a web browser will open up showing you all the previous versions of the file. Choose which backup you which to rewind to and then click "restore" at the bottom of the page. This file will then update to this version.

In the Kennedy app settings screen tap "Import from backup" and Kennedy will import the newly rewound version of the backup file.